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link to IRF

Welcome to ALIS_4D

A Swedish contribution to complementary instruments for EISCAT_3D

ALIS_4D replaced ALIS from the fall of 2019 (test operations) and with regular observatory operations starting in the fall of 2020.

This is a project website primarily intended for those involved in design, developement, implementation, operations and scientific usage of ALIS_4D. For official websites of the host institutes, please refer to the links at the top of this page.

ALIS_4D schedule for preliminary operations 2019-2021

ALIS_4D quicklocks for preliminary operations 2019-2021


ALIS_4D Documentation

Other documents


ALIS_4D is generously funded by Kempestiftelserna, Faculty of Science and\ Technology at Umeå University and Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

Urban Brändström

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